Spiritual Automatic Pilot

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Let’s face it, we spend much of our day lost in thought spirals from our deep dark past.  Sometimes we are re-imaging things as if they were actually able to be changed by our very thoughts.  But they simply can’t – what is past is past.

So as a way to protect ourselves, we create a barrier of automatic pilot – and it works like this – To change your life, you must first change the way you think.  Behind everything you do is a thought.  Every behavior is motivated by a belief, and every action is prompted by an attitude.

You cannot change your habits or your life with willpower.  You say, “I’ll force myself to eat less or exercise more.”  Yes, willpower can produce short-term change, but it creates constant internal stress because you haven’t dealt with the root cause.  Without getting to the root cause, you quickly revert to your old patterns.

There is a better way – change your autopilot by changing the way you think.  Change always starts first in your mind.  The way you think determines the way you feel, and the way you feel influences the way you act.  There must be a spiritual renewal of your thoughts and attitudes before change can take place.

I’ve written some more about this – and it relates across to being vegan – which is eating less meat, and eating less dairy – as well as