Numerology Chart Meaning Numbers

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How numerology chart meaning numbers can work for you.  The average person is often two or even more people.  There is the one person we present to the outside world – what we might call the personality – and then there is the inner self, the vulnerable, private and hidden self that is rarely revealed.

In most cases the real self is repressed and hidden due to the person seeing their own unique traits and features as not normal or not fitting in with everyone else.  And, as a social animal – we crave acceptance and being part of the tribe more than our own urge to self express and actualise who we really are.

So it is that as we get older and come to realize that there may be some benefit in discovering more about our real self, that we find ourselves trudging up the steps of a numerologists office.  Not really.  Numerology chart meaning numbers.  Numerologists don’t have offices per se – we are more likely to start searching around on the internet looking for answers and hints on how to progress with our spiritual self examination.

So that’s why you are here.  Thinking numerology might offer up an answer to you own spiritual quest so that you don’t lie in bed at night and start at the ceiling, wondering if this is all that there is.  If there is something you might be missing – or whether you need to be doing something else with your life.

Numerology might be the answer – then it might not.  But just in case here we are going to share the best numerology charts for numbers so you can get a good grasp on how it all comes together.

Understand the inner self with numerology

In our own uniqnumerology chart meaning numbersue ways we are all searching for our own unique answers and re-assurances from the universe.  It is a universal quest each person is gifted when they gain consciousness – who am I and where do I belong?  And invariably, whilst we may seek support and guidance from guides such as numerology and other positive psychology instruments, the ultimate answers lie within our own souls.

It is not through high thinking or searching for meaning beyond the natural world – but instead by coming to terms with our own version of the human condition and accepting and forgiving our self for the way we have behaved since we have been living this life.

The Science of Numbers as originally taught by the great Pythagoras, is an exciting lifelong journey into awareness raising and personal discovery.  I am certain you will find the knowledge and power in knowing the numerological instruments a boon for your own and others personal growth.

metaphysical understanding of numbers

To an engineer, a skeptic or a simple non-believer, the science and mystery of numerology is nothing of the sort.  Indeed, numerology might be dismissed as playing with numbers or looking for similarities and coincidences that might not otherwise be there if the observer had not scrutinized the numbers so deeply in the first place.

The three aspects of self are intimately connected and all part of your greater self understanding.  The first self, the basic self is next.numerology chart meaning numbers

Basic Self – where the main expression is through the human body.  The noise that comes out of your mouth, the gasp of the dying man, they all emanate through the basic self.  The basic self expresses through the five physical senses – sight, sound, touch, taste, smell – and all the other basic physical activities of life like laughing, walking, running and singing.  The basic self is ego motivated and driven by the basic needs – like sense and physical feeling.

Numerology reveals that not being a slave to your basic self means yo can move beyond the ego and in fact bring the life lessons into the real world where you will no longer experience harm from them. Whilst you are in the physical body, recognizing the basic self is important for exercise, movement and sexuality.  It is not enough to think that there is nothing deep or transcending from being in the basic self.  Numerology chart meaning numbers.  There is a lot of basic spiritual power to be harnessed and understood in the basic self.

The numbers of the basic self are 1, 4 and 7.

Next is the Conscious Self, which is the self of our thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and understanding of the world around us.  Whilst we are in the conscious self we experience joy and sadness – but we also have the scope to choose how deeply we allow ourselves to go into that sadness or joy.  The conscious self is the realm of idealism, creativity and memory – and acts as the link between the basic and higher self.

Conscious self helps us interpret intuition, love and wisdom – and is where we transpire action from knowledge and compassion into positive actions.  the three numbers in the conscious self or mind plane are 3 6 and 9.

numerology chart meaning numbers

Finally, the High Self is about our spiritual values, moral virtues and philosophical ideals – based on the essences of sensitivity and feeling and is manifest in creativity and expression.

On giving up.  So many have gone before you and lie in ashes underneath your feet – forgotten and unmourned and lost to the mystery of time. You have a responsibility to them – the dream you have within you is not something to take lightly and let slide as you get older and find more convenient distractions to occupy your time. Numerology chart meaning numbers.  Things that are ultimately based around your fears and need for certainty – and your actual dreams and passions are something you awkward set aside and step over like old toys from your childhood.

The high self is built on growing your intuition – which is the basis of personal freedom.  Once you can assess and recognize your intuition and give it the power and gravity that it deserves – you will know what to do and where to go and who to connect with.

High Self is represented as the Soul and Feeling plane – which is the numbers 2 5 and 8.